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Mountain Ridge

My mission is to be your guide as you learn how to heal, remove blockages, open up your own natural gifts, find your path and embrace your divine self.  



The Path

I always had a deep connection to the other realms. The other realms that lives side by side, supporting us throughout our lifetime.  I didn’t understand how I was able to see people’s  blockages, their family lines and the path forward for healing.   I would dream about people and tell them what I saw. My dreams were always showing me how they were suffering.  I thought it was a fun game when I was 9.  I didn’t quite know how to utilizes these pathways until much later in my life. 
I walked this life as the wounded healer.  I had a deep knowingness that I wanted to help others heal and help my community. I have a degree in Human Services. I first began working with people with disabilities, worked with children with mental health issues and later worked with adults with mental health diagnosis. I facilitated at a Psilocybin shamanic church for two years doing one on one and group plant ceremonies. I also employ my spiritual techniques of journey work, cord cutting, soul retrieval, energy work, clearings, extraction and psycho-spiritual coaching. 
I grew up in an ultra-religious household. Severe mental, spiritual and emotional abuse were present. I was completely disconnected from my emotions until I was about 21 when a college drug experience connected my emotions to my body. I was not ready…Depression, anxiety, dissociations, psychosis all led to addiction.  I was an addict for years not knowing how to process my emotions or deal with my extra sensitivities with the other side. When I was ready to feel again, I dove inward for answers. Through practice, meditation and exploration I was able to free myself of addiction. I began to spend my time in the woods. Deep connection to the natural world began unfolding.  I heard a voice one day in the woods saying, Are you ready for the next step?” I said yes.  
I didn’t know it at the time but saying yes meant, pain, suffering, finding truths and deconstruction of reality itself.  This was terrifying time in my life. I could no longer work or function. I was thrown into the western modalities of healing.  Pills, doctors, therapists…which made me sicker over the next three years. I needed to feel, not disconnect further!  I once again began to go within on a daily basis, started directing my thoughts, emotions and connecting with spiritual world again. My ability to connect with the other realms kicked on and I began receiving guidance from the many helping spirits that are compassionate and loving to the human condition. I slowly was entering the world again when my paths crossed with plant medicine work. This opened me to new pathway modalities to healing. I began working with plant medicine and found I worked and belonged in the other realms with these healing plants, to bring their messages to others for healing.  I began studying and practicing with trusted advisors/mentors and medicine men and women which studied with shamans around the world. I had found my path, my unfolding. Let’s find yours.       


Tobacco is administered in the form of a sacred snuff and sananga is an eye drop. Both have been used by indigenous cultures

Hapé, the sacred Amazonian snuff

The medicine, is made up of powdered medicinal herbs which often include tobacco and has been used by Amazonian tribes since pre-Columbian times.

Hapé helps you feel more centered, connected, grounded, and invigorated.

Sananga botanical eye drops are a forest medicine brewed by traditional healers in the Amazon rainforest from the roots of the Tabernaemontana plant. It’s used to promote clear vision — both in a physical & spiritual context.


These sacred medicine can help you ground and clear stuck energies in your body.


Hapé and Sananga Group.  First Saturday of every month 11am.

Curious about Plant medicine and how these sacred tools can teach you?

Come sit, learn and connect. Bring a pillow or blanket to sit on.  Energy exchange 25$, no one turned away for lack of funds

174 S Franklin st Juneau, #211 AK 99801 


Every Saturday I am opening to do in person readings/mentorship 1-5pm at 174 s Fraklin St #211 (Deeper light therapy).  Please email me to confirm time

Rates are for Readings or Spiritual work

15 min $55  
30min $88

45 min $122
1hr $144


Want to take a journey but don't want to take it alone? Ive facilitated hundreds of ceremonies and can assist you in this process.

We begin by speaking on intentions and preparation.  I will spend the entire journey with you and support you along the way. 


Our lives can be confusing and need clarification at times. This offering provides a channel to have a deep discussion with your guides about life situations, people and where you are heading.

I am able to channel information from helping spirits and your guides to provide insight.  Come open to receive.  


This life can be challenging, especially when we begin to take our spiritual journey to the next level.   Journey work takes you deep into your conscious and subconscious mind for clarity and direction.  

Entering into a relaxation state to enter the subconscious mind.  This process can be up to an hour. 


We all need to let go of people and situations that no longer serve us.  These imprints can hold on longer than they need to.

Assist you in removing energetic cords from people in your life.  This is a good option for letting go and moving forward.  


Work with Natalie over Zoom, email me for scheduling
In person meetings is offered Saturdays 1-5 at 174 S Franklin st #211 (Deeper light therapy)

Image by Mathew Schwartz


You are constantly unfolding and learning new aspects of self.  This unfoldment can make you feel lost or confused at times. There can be spiritual reasons for physical and emotional misalignments, which I can help you navigate. Most importantly let's identify the next steps in your spiritual journey.

Rates are for Readings or Spiritual work

15 min $55  
30min $88

45 min $122
1hr $144

Vemno @Natalie-Stevens-36

Paypal @unfoldingyou

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Email me for the type of service you are looking for and we can set up a time together.

Based in Juneau, Alaska

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